Pancake Art Café

To Home From London... as you've never seen it before!

Don't worry, we are still the SOUVENIR brand that you know and love. The only difference? We have SO MUCH MORE to offer you!

Our new Concept Store and Pancake Art Café will offer the FULL 360 DEGREE To Home From London experience, as well as giving us a new (& MUCH needed) home for our studio & workshop!

With a focus on PERSONALISATION, we know you will find something you will LOVE in our concept store. What better way to make it personal than with your favourite designs, paired with your name or a special message, placed on our products ON DEMAND?! We plan to take personalisation to the NEXT LEVEL, the possibilities really are endless and we can't wait to see what happens when YOUR creativity meets our WATERCOLOUR designs!

And whilst you wait? Take a look at our SINGLE BATCH TEA by Lalani & Co & HERBAL INFUSIONS by Nazani and SPECIALITY COFFEE by Notes, served in-house in our ART CAFÉ. And that's not all... with a focus on ART, it would be wrong to not have a little fun with our food. Our menu will take you OVER THE RAINBOW, with the most colourful cuisine you can imagine. What's more? For the first time we will be offering our ARTWORKS, translated before your eyes into PANCAKE ART! Move over sticks of rocks, there's a FOODVENIR in town and we can't WAIT for you all to come and try them!

We are SO thankful to everybody who made this project a reality. We dreamed about it for 2 years, COVID had other plans for the course of our journey but we are SO happy with how everything has fallen into place! Our crowdfunding backers made this possible, and as The Beatles would say... We did it with a little help from our friends! They will always be a special & most appreciated part of the journey, and you'll be able to read their names printed on our wall as a tribute to their generosity ❤️