When we had a Pop-Up Shop

When we had a Pop-Up Shop

What a wonderful experience it was to build our very own high-street store and see it come to life bit by bit as we had always imagined!

I must say it was one of the most challenging things I ever done but the only thing we regret was not having enough time to spend on this project before the launch and more time on the store itself. I suppose Nacho and I were so excited about doing our first Christmas Season together and with the idea of exploring all formats possible for To Home From London that we might have taken too much on our plates.

It was kind of a last-minute decision and, well, we already had 2 shops in Camden Market + 4 stalls + 5 Christmas Markets chalets to manage just between the 2 us so WHY NOT get a high street pop-up shop, right? Hahaha I guess this sums up who we are.

We have learned SO much and can’t wait to have the opportunity (and time, and effort, and money) to do something like this again. Will never forget how it looked like <3

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