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New St. Pancras Pop-Up!

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New St. Pancras Pop-Up!

Hello everyone!

Although our new year's resolution was to write more blogs, it unfortunately didn’t go to plan as we have been crazy busy!
However, we do have an excuse as To Home From London has been rapidly expanding and we are very excited to announce our newest addition to our shops.

St. Pancras International Station has opened its doors to us.

We officially have a Pop-Up Shop upstairs on The Grand Terrace, just next to the Eurostar platform. It’s so exciting to see our souvenirs in such an iconic building and every time we visit the shop, we are very tempted to jump on the Eurostar to Paris!

Last week we hosted an event for the launch the opening and we were lucky enough to have Wonders of London Tour Company to come visit us and include To Home From London in their live tour videos:

We are also very excited to introduce our new team!

There are a lot of new exciting things coming this year so stay tuned for future updates, which will be more frequent we promise... And make sure to visit us in St. Pancras International!


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