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New Year New To Home from London

New Year New To Home from London
New Year Definitely means new us. (Expect for the delay in posting blogs, we are working on that!) Although we are one month late for the new year, we are only slightly delayed from the Chinese New Year so will be sticking with that. 2019 was so special for To Home from London for many reasons.  
We expanded our office team and recruited a PR Assistant, Graphic designer, Brand Developer, Retail and Online Support and Secret Project manager making it a very tight squeeze in the studio. We have become very used to desk hopping. But having a team also means lots of new ideas are buzzing around and we are pushing To Home from London much harder.  
Another milestone was that we had our first collaboration with the top leading London blogger, A Lady in London. We even hosted a launch party for the collection.  
 We had a super cool pop-up shop in St. Pancras   
We had loads of Influencers appreciate our souvenirs. And even hosted a giveaway with a Harry Potter fan page of 2 million followers! 
 Another great milestone was reaching 10K followers on Instagram. Making us one of the most followed London Souvenir pages on Instagram and meaning we can FINALLY do swipe ups! 
 During the Christmas period we had 13- Points of sale! Our highest yet. Meaning we basically took over London.  We had a Christmas stall in Leicester Square, Southbank, Tower Bridge, three in Winter Wonderland and one in Trafalgar Square, right underneath the entrance to the National Portrait Gallery. Which basically means our art work is in the National Portrait Gallery right? 
With all your lovely reviews we reached number #4 highest rated shops in London on TripAdvisor.  (If you love our shop feel free to also give a review!) 
 We’ve had amazing support from all our customers and are so excited to see what the future brings. Click the picture bellow to watch all our crazy highlights from 2019.

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