National Love your Pet Day

National Love your Pet Day

The time has come. All the crazy cat ladies (and men) Today is yours. Because today is national love your pet day which means you can talk to your dog in a baby voice and nobody can judge you. 
To mark this day we've taken a look at some of the best Instagram pet pages that we love. 
 First of all Lil Bub the rescue cat helping pets with special needs. Our hearts cannot cope.

Le Corgi is the perfect blend of hilarious and cute. I mean just look the mini kilt!

Mila the Scottish Fold as David Bowie is everything we need in life.

Doug the Pug provides the best costumes and poses. Who knew a pug could be more photogenic than humans.

Jill the squirrel is the pet page we didn't know we needed. A hurricane rescue squirrel. We just cannot get our heads wrapped around a squirrel willing to wear a tiny hat! All the squirrels in London avoid us!

And although we are not entirely sure if you can have a pet fox in the UK, we love this adorable page dedicated to a rescue fox named Juniper in North America.

Whether you have a pet or just love animals we have the perfect coasters for this special day. You can shop them here. All of our coasters double up as a fridge magnet so you can always admire them even when they aren't holding you drink. 

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