Our Winter Wonderland Chalet

Cheers, Mate! Newsletter #1 - And so this is Christmas!

... and we have done quite a lot this year!

2018 was by far the most transformational year of To Home From London. A roller coaster of emotions and big decisions. Not only we got our third shop in Camden Market, 4 Christmas Markets and our very own high street Pop-Up shop but Nacho and I also got married (YAY!) and took 2 months off to celebrate in the meantime.

However, I must say that the biggest highlight of the year for me was that Nacho quit his 11-year-strategy-consultant-job to join me in To Home From London full-time!! And this was a game changer. After 3 years doing everything by myself from the second bedroom of our house, I couldn’t be happier to have another pair of hands making coasters with me hahaha He is in charge of all the production now which has allowed me to focus on designing new products and put our social media back on track. Super cool things coming soon!

Being entrepreneurs together is just so much exciting and I will use this space in our newsletter to share some of the bits and bobs of this experience.

Most people finish their year in December but for us that’s when the real fun starts!
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