Cheers, Mate! Newsletter #3 - Happy New Year!

Cheers, Mate! Newsletter #3 - Happy New Year!

Yep, we meant to send you this newsletter on 1 April, the official start of our Fiscal Year (FY), but things got crazy around here as usual and once again I postponed this to the end of my to-do list. People say it’s always better late than never, so here is how we are starting (FY) 2019:

We are growing up! Starting to think in UK Fiscal Year instead of Calendar Year means we are no longer a personal project, but a real company with a life of its own. It’s official: we finally took the huge step of moving To Home From London out of our house and now we are fully based in Camden Market, with 3 shops, 1 studio and 1 workshop here and loads of plans!

Not only I find amazing to dress up, put make-up and walk to the new studio in the morning after doing home office for nearly 8 years, but being in such a vibrant environment as Camden and surrounded by entrepreneurs boost our energy and really motivates us to keep expanding and achieving our goals. We are more present in our shops, going for drinks with our team and embracing the market community once again.

Although everything we’ve done so far from the second bedroom of our house was extremely important to double the size of THFL each year, these are the things I feel I missed out a lot in the process. We were stuck on the back-office covering all aspects of the business just the 2 of us and dealing with a bunch admin stuff for far too long. Camden, we are here to stay! Ps: my New Year’s resolution is not to postpone newsletters anymore 

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