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To Home From London

Rainbow Sticker

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2020 caught the whole world by surprise, right? When the pandemic kicked in and the schools were closed, many children started painting Rainbows and sticking them to their windows at home as a reminder that we should stay positive and that we can go through this if we support each other. We could not have gone through this period without the support of our customers and followers. So, we painted our own rainbow with all the good vibes people sent our way! And it is the biggest Souvenir we will have from 2020.


Eco Stickers: Digitally printed onto matt responsibly sourced papers. Kiss cut onto an 8x8cm backing glasine liner, which means the sticker itself has shape of the artwork. The best part? They are 100% PVC free, 100% Recyclable.



We are Redefining Souvenirs! Our products are Made in UK with our own original artworks.