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Art Café

Easter Wonderland Art Brunch

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The Easter Bunny and the White Rabbit are inviting you to jump down the rabbit hole! What will you fin there? Join us for EASTER WONDELAND Art Brunch to find out! Hint: Loads of colours!

The Easter Wonderland Art Brunch includes:
1 Art Experience of painting your own T-Shirt, Eco Bag or a fluffy 40cm Bunny Plush Toy!
1 Pancake Art of your choice
1 Drink of your choice

Vegetarian and vegan menu options. Please note this is a 1 hour experience in our Art Café. Limited slots available. Slots are per person.

Let us know if there will be more people accompanying the ones doing this activity. They will still be able to order from the menu on the spot, but we need to know exactly how many people will come along to reserve a table with enough seats for all of you.

Address: 3 Water Lane, London NW1 8NZ