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To Home From London

Le Corgi Apron


Getting creative in the kitchen? Don't worry, our aprons will protect even your best get-up from splashes and spills. They even have a handy pocket for any stray ingredients or utensils (EXCEPT the sharp ones). The hard part? Choosing your design! We won't judge if you take one of each to match every outfit ;)


Also known as "Le Corgi" on social media, Marcel is a fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi that lives in London with his French uprights, photographer Aurélie and chef Pierre. The adventure of the trio started when he was born in 2013 and they decided to share the joy of having him for new family member, and their love of going out and travelling.


Now a renowned food and travel critic (or so he likes to call himself) and top UK pet blogger who is often seen mingling with the créme de la créme, the self-titled (and literally) "most down to earth member of the Royal Family" loves nothing more than brightening people's days, and encourage them to "grab the biscuit" (because life is short, like him).


His exclusive pawtraits are now on exhibition at the Famous British Icons Gallery and he is hoping that this colourful collection reflects his fluff persona and social deeds (and gets him extra treats).


4% of the proceeds will be donated to a pet charity Marcel and his mom support.


Follow Marcel on Instagram @lecorgi


APRONS: 84x64cm with pocket. Soft polyester canvas. Machine-washable up to 30 degrees.


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