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To Home From London

Friendship Love Coasters Set

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Once upon a time, known as "The Banksys of the Underground" and "The masked duo" Ian & Jeremy created the white board sensation 'All On The Board' whilst serving thousands of commuters on the London Underground at their day job as station assistants. With Poetry, humour and art, their 'boards' filled the journeys of millions of travellers with positivity and the message that whatever they may be going through, they are not alone. Now, with the magical 'Boardeeze', colourful creatures from a far away land, they share their emotional poetry with beautiful images that tell stories to touch anyone's heart.

With these exclusive poems and the beautiful 'Boardeeze' Ian & Jeremy describe what love can mean to us all and how it can change throughout our lives.

Follow Ian, Jeremy & the Boardeeze @allontheboard

MAGNETIC COASTERS: Set of 4 9x9 cm MDF with a thin magnetic layer on the back to keep on your fridge as decoration and don't forget to use when you get a drink :) Easily cleaned with a wet wipe.