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Freddie | A Tribute To The Stars Collection


I started painting my parent's house wall when I was 3 year-old and my first canvas when I turned 9. I always had this artistic side but completely abandoned it while preparing for university.

Nacho saw my painting when we visited my hometown and afterwards he gave me a full art kit for my first birthday in London so I could start drawing again. That was the first time I Tried watercolours and a galaxy came up.

When we created To Home From London, the initial idea was to design cool home decor items and the galaxy was one of the original sets of coasters. Now it is the inspiration for our first canvas collection. I wanted to preserve aspect and texture of watercolours (our signature style) which I couldn't get painting directly on a canvas, so instead I painted the original backgrounds on proper watercolour paper and digitally printed on canvas fabric to then hand-finish it with the stars in acrylic and signature, which makes each piece unique.

Size is 841 x 1189 mm (33. x 47 in) and it will definitely light up any room <3


FREE shipping to the UK. For any other destination, please get in touch for more details :)