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A Lady in London Tote Bag


London is a city known for its charming back-streets and iconic buildings. With history and culture seeping into the capital, London souvenirs are often lacking in the same charm and creativity. Which is why one of the top UK bloggers based in London has teamed up with the most original souvenir brand to bring London's beauty to your home.

Julie is the blogger behind A Lady in London. Originally from San Francisco, she moved to the UK in 2007 and started the blog to bring all things lovely London and beautiful travel to a global audience. She shares her photos of London's landmarks and hidden corners on social media, and she's excited to bring you a bag that reflects the things she loves about the city.

The Collab. A Lady in London regularly captures London's beautiful buildings and houses, many of which are wrapped with flowers. The natural bloom aesthetic of wisteria and roses inspired To Home From London to incorporate this into our capsule collection. Watercolour flowers paired with iconic London artwork brings to life the perfect gift for those who love London.

Limited Edition Tote Bag. Heavy weight premium canvas. 39x36cm. Can be washed in low temperature and ironed on reverse.