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Our Story

Hi There!
To Home From London is a mix of Creative Studio & Manufacturing Workshop based in Camden Town and all our original artworks are hand-painted in watercolours. We create the most authentic gifts and souvenirs, crafted specially in the UK and it's our life goal to bring positivity and good vibes to everyone who comes across our products, whether it's from one of our quirky Flagship Stores or from our curated retailers.

The couple behind the Brand
We are Bianca & Nacho, a Brazilian and Argentinean couple who first met in Rio's street carnival and decided to live together in London in 2013. When we first thought about starting a business, we envisioned a Home-Décor brand, designing cool products for a contemporary home. To Home From London was originally the name of the blog we created to keep in touch with friends and family, and we remember thinking that it suited like a glove to the idea of home-décor products made in London. Catchy.

When inspiration hits you
I was about to start using the pictures of our blog to create the first coasters, doing some sort of collage as I did in the wall of my old bedroom in Sao Paulo, when Nacho surprised me with a full art-kit for my 24th birthday. I started painting again after a 10-year hiatus and I guess London inspired me to draw all the iconic things I saw around me in our new life together in a new city. That was our first collection of British Icons and Landmarks but the intention was to change the theme completely on the second one.

From traders to Entrepreneurs
However, when we started selling them in our first stall in Portobello Market back in 2014, we noticed that our products were perceived as souvenirs, and had our biggest realisation ever: London is one of the most visited cities in the world, and yet the souvenir offering is quite poor so we embraced the idea of creating a Souvenir Brand. And how convenient: our name was To Home From London.

Call it insight, intuition or fate
When we look back now it feels like as if planets were aligning. To Home From London the Souvenir Brand was born at that moment. The thing was that we didn’t want to be one more designer with a London collection, or just another classic souvenir shop. So what made our Souvenirs special?

We are Redefining Souvenirs!
What comes to mind when you hear the word “Souvenir”? Currently, the souvenir industry is basically based on cheap, mass produced products with no customer experience. Low price. Low quality. Just dust-collecting trinkets. We are the first design-led Souvenir Brand and we want to shake up an otherwise very traditional and stagnant market.

To Home From WHERE?
For a long time we have been asked to expand our collection of gifts and souvenirs to cover other territories, and now that 2020 made it hard for everyone to travel and experience new cultures we thought it was finally time to adventure outside of London. Introducing... To Home From Where? - the mysterious long-distance lover of To Home From London ♥️ One thing we do know however... To Home From Where? LOVES to travel.⁠ Fasten your seatbelts :)