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Boop Le Corgi Gift Box | Free Personalisation


PRE-ORDER | This Gift Box is an EXCLUSIVE REWARD of our CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN! Orders containing this product will be dispatched on 15/11/2020, which makes this a great opportunity to anticipate your Christmas Shopping and help To Home From London overcome this crazy year and achieve something really cool in the process.

By ordering this you will be supporting our project to raise funds for the fit-out of our future Concept Store & Art Café, where we will translate our signature watercolour style into delicious desserts and where you also will be able to personalise our souvenirs on the spot! The Campaign ends on 31 October and we will tranfer the equivalent value of this product towards the funding target of our Project on Kickstarter. Read all about it here!

GIFT BOX WITH FREE PERSONALISATION: Be the first one to try for free the future Personalisation service of our Concept Store! Choose your Boop Le Corgi Mug in your favourite colour and write your name on the back for free.


Also known as "Le Corgi" on social media, Marcel is a fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi that lives in London with his French uprights, photographer Aurélie and chef Pierre. The adventure of the trio started when he was born in 2013 and they decided to share the joy of having him for new family member, and their love of going out and travelling.

4% of the proceeds will be donated to Mayhew, the pet charity Marcel and his mom support.