Queen Mary’s Rose Garden | London, UK

Queen Mary’s Garden is London’s largest collection of roses with approximately 12,000 roses planted within the gardens and it is named after the wife of King George V, the grandparents of Queen Elizabeth II. There are 85 single variety beds on display and each of them has a sign with its number and name!

Roses are not the only treasure of the gardens. The Delphinium and Mediterranean Borders are a sight for the eyes, and the Begonia Garden, with its 9,000 begonias, is twice yearly planted with seasonal bedding.

We have been soooo many times to Regent’s Park but it was only this week we happened to find out that the best time to contemplate this sea of flowers is in the first two weeks of June. Don’t miss out ;)

The Windsor Castle by To Home From London

Windsor-04 Windsor-02 Windsor-03 Windsor-05 Windsor-06 Windsor-01

flaguk  Have you ever had a brilliant idea? Well, that’s the only word to describe Ian’s idea to transform our Windsor coaster design into… BEERMATS!

Yes! Now every time that you stop by the Windsor, either on a Thursday after Sundowners or to pay him a visit because you miss your old amazing MBA life, you will rest your beer on the coolest beermats of London!

We know that you already left the MBA bubble, but truth is that the Windsor will never leave you ;) So check it out (and try to smuggle some to your personal collection of stolen beermats)!

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