Sunset in Plaka| Milos, Greece

DAY 396
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flaguk On a hill of 220m above sea level, Plaka was originally built for the protection against pirates and it is known as the best – and most popular – place in the island to watch the sunset, which means it will always be full of people by the end of the day. We recommend to go early to Cafe Utopia to get a nice spot and a beer while you wait.

You can also go to “Panaghia Korfiatissa”the cathedral on the highest point of the island – and enjoy a dreamy sunset right from its marble yard and admire the stars later.

It’s definitely worth spending the night as well since Plaka is full of small traditional shops, restaurants and cafeterias and has a great view to the bay of Milos.

For a more quiet sunset, we recommend Plathiena Beach.

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Kleftiko | Milos, Greece

DAY 396
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flaguk Kleftiko is an impressive spot of rock formations on the southwest coast of Milos that can be reached only by sea and it’s where we stopped to have lunch on board of the Thalassitra. The legend says that the caves in Kleftiko were  pirate hideaways and that they had hidden in there their treasury, but it was never found. The water is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling while the captain was preparing the food!

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