The Windsor Castle by To Home From London

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flaguk  Have you ever had a brilliant idea? Well, that’s the only word to describe Ian’s idea to transform our Windsor coaster design into… BEERMATS!

Yes! Now every time that you stop by the Windsor, either on a Thursday after Sundowners or to pay him a visit because you miss your old amazing MBA life, you will rest your beer on the coolest beermats of London!

We know that you already left the MBA bubble, but truth is that the Windsor will never leave you ;) So check it out (and try to smuggle some to your personal collection of stolen beermats)!

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M&T’s Wedding Favours by THFL

DAY 391
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flaguk This is definitely one of the most exciting things that I’ve done since we started To Home From London! Right after we launched our store, M&T were looking for something special to give as their wedding favour and came up with the idea of personalized coasters.

We were so excited about the idea of a 4 days wedding in an island in the middle of the Mediterranean that I couldn’t help to think that it could be a souvenir of their wedding and the actual place as well. So, I suggested recreating their four wedding moments (pre-party on the beach, church ceremony, wedding party and the day after brunch) and asked for more details. Every design was based on the real places: Platis Gialos Beach, Chrisopigi Church and the venue in Faros.

Nacho and I always buy magnets from each new city that we visit and we thought that it would be a great idea to turn the coasters into magnets as well – a magnetic coaster! Every guest received one during the party and, by the time they realized that it was part of a set, people started stealing from each other trying to get the full collection hahaha

In a way I felt as if I had already attended the wedding 3 months before! And, of course, we took pictures of them in the real situations after all :) SO nice!

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