Gerupuk Bay | Lombok, Indonesia

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flaguk Gerupuk is a huge bay about 7 km east of Kuta and it is home to five different spots which work on various tide, wind and swell combinations. Basically you can always get a wave at Gerupuk and it is suited to all levels but only accessible by boat. If you are in a group those who don’t surf can get a board and just hang around in the water and admire the view.

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Kuta | Lombok, Indonesia

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flaguk If you go to the Gilis, a Lombok stopover is a must! Specially for those looking for a break from the tourist crowd.

The opposite of Bali, Lombok remains underdeveloped (at least for now) and all the villages don’t have a lot of infrastructure – so don’t expect any kind of luxury – yet the island is full of hiking trails, desert beaches, surf points and Indonesia’s second-highest volcano that are definitely worth checking it out. But be aware the weather is cloudy and even rainy most of the time because of the volcano and mountains.

We arranged a private boat to take us from Gili T to the north of Lombok where there was a van waiting for us and drove us 2 hours south. With only 2 days there, the boys wanted to try some surfing in Gurupak Bay so we stayed in Kuta. We rented the classic scooters and drove around the island as well looking for waterfalls that we never managed to find hahaha But it was worth the trip. The villagers are really simple and whenever we stopped on the road, children would gather around us. I wish we had the time to climb the volcano. Apparently its summit complete with hot springs and a dazzling crater lake. Maybe next time :)

We went back to Bali by plane, just 30 min flight.

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