festival: primavera sound @barcelona, spain

DAY 291
DSCF2217_edited.jpg_effected DSCF2218.JPG_effected DSCF2220.JPG_effected DSCF2219_edited.jpg_effected DSCF2221_edited.jpg_effected DSCF2222.JPG_effected DSCF2223.JPG_effected DSCF2224.JPG_effected DSCF2226_edited.jpg_effected DSCF2232.JPG_effected-001 DSCF2233.JPG_effected DSCF2273.JPG_effected DSCF2275.JPG_effected DSCF2277.JPG_effected DSCF2290.JPG_effected DSCF2291.JPG_effected DSCF2293.JPG_effected DSCF2312.JPG_effected DSCF2325.JPG_effected DSCF2327.JPG_effected


Guys, não tenho nem como colocar o Primavera Sound em palavras! O dia, a cidade, o mar, as pessoas, a energia… INCRÍVEL! Vendo as fotos agora já dá saudade e vontade de comprar ingressos pra todos os festivais do ano hahahaha :D


Guys, I don’t even have words for Primavera Sound! The day, the city, the sea, the people, the energy… EPIC! Seeing the pictures now make me miss it and make e want to buy tickets for every festival of the year already hahahah :D

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