Les 3 Vallées @French Alps, France

DAY 158
IMG_0012.JPG_effected IMG_0087.JPG_effected IMG_0076_edited.jpg_effected IMG_0100.JPG_effected IMG_0016.JPG_effected IMG_0046.JPG_effected IMG_0026.JPG_effected IMG_0060.JPG_effected IMG_0084.JPG_effected IMG_0005.JPG_effected IMG_0004.JPG_effected IMG_0014.JPG_effected


Muchachos, acá van las fotos del tercer día que fue nuestro intento por esquiar los 3 Vallées. Una pena que la conexión entre Méribel y Val Thorens estaba cerrada por el viento. Queda para el invierno que viene :)


Guys, here are the photos of the third day that was our attempt to ski the 3 Vallées. It was a shame that the link between Méribel and Val Thorens was closed because of the wind. We will do it the following winter :)

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