La Maddalena @Sardinia, Italy

DAY 17
IMG_6295.JPG_effected IMG_6296.JPG_effected IMG_6297.JPG_effected IMG_6321.JPG_effected IMG_6325.JPG_effected IMG_6336.JPG_effected


Pai, a única coisa na qual eu conseguia pensar quando fomos passear de barco pelo Arquipélago La Maddalena era que a água era tão linda mas que devia ser congelada que nem naquela vez de Búzios hahaha Mas tava super boa! Não tava quente claro, mas como tava bastante sol foi super gostoso pular na água. Pode incluir no roteiro que você vai curtir!


Dad, the only thing I could think of when we went on a boat trip at La Maddalena Archipelago was that the water was so beautiful that it should be freezing like that time in Búzios hahaha But it was sooo good! Not hot of course, but the sun was bright and jumping into the water was amazing. You should visit the place sometime!

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